Acid is a highly corrosive substance that is in all batteries, many chemicals, and industrial wastes. Shockingly, it is also on many individuals’ teeth! According to the Mereck Manual of Medical Information, carbohydrates and sugars are the greatest culprits of tooth decay. It states that “all simple sugars including table sugar (sucrose) and sugars in honey (levulose and dextrose), organic products (fructose), and milk (lactose) have the same effect on the teeth. Whenever sugar comes in contact with plaque, streptococcus mutans bacteria in the plaque produce acid.” Surprisingly, the microbes and the sugar don’t specifically bring about the tooth decay. It is really the acid, the byproduct resulting from the bacteria consuming the sugars that causes tooth decay. Acid breaks down teeth and causes tooth to rot. This is why a decayed tooth weighs less than a healthy tooth.

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