Perfumes are made of a base and a fragrance compound. The base used is commonly alcohol or water. Ethyl alcohol is usually used as it evaporates quickly on the skin.

The main components of perfume consists of a perfume oil, an alcohol, and water.

Perfume oil can be categorised into two different types. A synthetic oil, or a fragrance taken from a natural source. Oils can be extracted from flowers, plants or animals. The oils are split into three parts: The top note, the heart note, and the base note. The top note is what you smell immediately after putting on the perfume. The heart note is what you smell 3-4 hours after applying and it and the base note sticks easily to the skin and can stay for up to eight hours. Chemical equations of the perfume oil depends on where the oil was taken from. The top notes are lighter and have a smaller intermolecular force therefore evaporates first followed by heart note with a slightly bigger intermolecular force and then base note with the biggest intermolecular force


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